Friday, June 12, 2009

Garmin GPS 48

Garmin GPS 48

The Garmin GPS 48 defines a new standard in marine handheld navigation by taking the most popular marine handheld GPS receiver ever produced - the GPS 45 - and incorporating several product enhancements. The GPS 48 features a 12 parallel channel receiver for fast satellite acquisition and tight satellite lock, along with a marine database that graphically displays city locations and nautical navaids on the moving map. User-selectable waypoint symbols, proximity waypoint alarms, and Garmin's innovative TracBack and Ezinit features round out this new leader in marine handheld GPS technology. These features, combined with Garmin's user-friendly operating system, rugged water-resistant case, data protecting backup lithium battery, and 24-hour battery life set a new standard in marine handheld GPS navigation.

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